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Facebook settings that you should change today

Facebook settings that you should change today

Autoplay video

The Facebook News Feed gives you great comfort. But here, even without clicking on a video, Facebook has set it up to automatically start. The purpose is to attract your attention. However, you can turn off the video by clicking the arrow icon. Click there to go to the setting option. From the various options there you can see the 'Videos' link on the left column. Go to the drop-down menu and turn off 'Auto-Play Videos'

Clear search

Finding the necessary thing with Facebook on thousands of searches is done. All your search stores Facebook. To delete these, go to the Privacy tab from the left menu. Go to 'Use Activity Log' and go to 'Who Can Say My Staff?' Here Facebook keeps all the savings. Instead of the search option 'More' option is given. Click on the 'Photos' option and you will get all the options. From there, go to the search option, you will find all your searches. Click 'Clear Search' to delete all.

Privacy settings

Do you really want to see one billion users in your post? Go to Settings - from the upper right. Click on 'Privacy' and go to 'edit' position. You have to choose the privacy of your choice from the drop-down menu. In most cases you will want to show friends to posts.

Unwanted Notification

If there are more notifications coming out than before, you can get rid of it. Go back to 'Settings' from the top right. You can exclude topics from the 'Notifications' tab. In this case, 'tags' and you can close the notifications of different groups. Here you will also find friends' birthday notification options.

Social 'Advertising

On this topic a huge source of money depends on Facebook. You can see what your friends or others are buying or doing. Again go back to 'Settings' from the top right. Click on the 'Adds' tab. Two options will come. Click on the 'Edit' button and select 'No one' option instead of 'Friends'. If you do not disclose your information to others, you can find others to advertise them. So be sure to adjust your mind settings now.

harmful apps on Android mobile!


Android mobile users see some annoying ads while running some apps. The reason for this is that some adware programs have been installed automatically when the Internet connection is turned on android mobile. Again, there are several apps that we install, the adware program is installed by them. As a result, these annoying notifications come out. So let's get to know some of these apps (which are quite popular) and refrain from installing them. And if those apps are installed on our mobile, then uninstall them.

We will now know about apps that contain suspicious scripts. Because of which these apps are used when illegal advertisements are loaded. Another thing is that these apps are not easily uninstalled, so their icons are hidden for them. So go to the settings of the mobile and click on Apps Management to find apps.

Apps list: Smart Sweep, Real Time Booster, File Transfer Pro, Network Guard, Infocus Turbo 5, LED Flashlight, Voice Recorder Pro, Free WiFi Pro, Call Recorder Pro, Call Recorder, Real Time Cleaner, Super Flashlight Light, Wallpaper HD, Cool Flashlight, Master WiFi Key, WiFi Security Master, Free WiFi Connect, Brighttest LED Flashlight-Allmite, Brighttest Flashlight, Call Recording Manager, Smart Free WiFi, Britest LED Flashlight Pro, Dr. Clean Light.

There are more such apps, which contain malicious scripts like the above mentioned apps. So, after installing any app you want to identify such malicious apps, take a look at it. Then you can easily understand whether the app is harmful.

Know the history of the virus!!

In the year 1949, computer science professor John Van Newman focused on writing computer virus programs. From the idea of ​​his self-repetitive program, the virus program (then it was not called a virus) appeared. For the reproduction, this computer program was first addressed as a virus by American computer scientist Friedrich B Cohen. The body of the virus can be reproduced in the body of the host.

The virus program can also create your own copy. In the 1970s, the virus originated in the Internet, Arpanet - a virus called the crypiper virus. At that time another software called Reaper was created, which could delete the crypter virus. At that time it was limited to where the virus was born.

In 1982, Elk Cloner spread across the globe using floppy disks. However, the devastating behavior of the virus was first published through the brain virus, in 1986. The Pakistani two brothers made the virus software in Lahore. Since then, many viruses are created worldwide every year.

Know whether there is a virus in your Android phone and delete it


Does your phone become sluggish, does it mean that it is too slow or does your phone end up in a hurry? However, there is a possibility of a virus attack on your phone. Generally, most viruses interfere with your phone through some apps.

Yes, there are so many apps that download viruses like malware and ransomware will reach your phone and damage your phone. If you are experiencing such problems, we will tell you the way to get rid of it, using which you can delete the virus from the phone.

If you have a malware update on your phone, you first turn off your phone. This will not harm other apps on your phone. If the phone is off, malware can not even use the same network.

You can also use another computer to understand your phone's problems with it. But if you do not have a computer or a laptop, do the phone again. If you do this, you will avoid getting more damages from your phone.

To turn Safe Mode on for most Android phones, after a while on the phone, pressing the power button can be switched to Safe Mode. Then wait for the phone to reboot in this mode.

Some anti-malware apps are those that fix your problem. Now go to your Android phone settings and go to the Apps section. And here's the list of download apps recently. You may need your App Manager for this. Now review this list and stop any suspicious app or download aninstal or force.

However, if the app is not uninstalled on your phone, you can also use the display option. There are some malware or ransomware that hide in your phone's admin settings.

Which you can pick up easily. For this, go to the settings menu of the phone and go to admin settings in the Security menu. You may have to go to "Other security settings" for the security menu on your phone.

Download the protection app for phone from the virus, such as malware and ransomware, on the phone. There are many security apps online that scan your phone virus and delete junk files.

Now after deleting the infected app on your phone, download the security program on the phone, which will save your phone later. The Google Play Store has several security applications, such as 360 Security, Avast Security or AVG Antivirus, which will keep your phone from virus attack.

How to bring your site to Google first position in 2018?

SEO: The seo is changing very quickly. If you do today, your site will get good ranking, tomorrow may be to eat penalty penalties. So here I want to give some seo tips to bring your site to Google's first page in 2018, which I have learned from some reputable sco experts in the world. Just forget what you have done before and follow these new tips. These tips are pre-tested and some sites have increased traffic up to 88%.

Tip 1: Many are tiny but in tune with lot of tunes in Google 017. But in 2018 it will not be. A recent study showed that Google is now focusing more on those sites and blogs who are tuning low but larger and better quality. So do not increase the number of tune and write about the good quality big (1000-4000 ward) tune time.

Tip 2: To increase search traffic, delete your old ones and any other tunes that are not read, or by using the no-index tag, remove them from search results. Do not forget to redo 404 errors to delete, so do not forget to redirect. Traffic must be increased if you remove or delete an unnecessary tune and pages from Google.

Tip 3: Apply the LSI Keyword in your article. If you search Google by typing in the keywords you want to target, Google will automatically show you how many suggestions. These are known as LSI Keyword. While writing your article, mix these LSI keywords as well as Focus keywords. But do not let the keyword stuff out. It is bound to increase your search traffic.

Tip 4: Increase click through rate (CTR). means, how many people have seen your tune in Google and how many people have clicked on it to enter your website. Think all the 100 times your site was found in Google's search results and clicked on 25 times your site. In that case, your click through rate will be 25%.
To increase this, you have to write your title in such a way that people will see it, they must click on it. You can write more attractive titles and meta descriptions than those who are above you in search results but most people will click on your site from those who are above you. As a result, Google will see more people clicking on your site below than those at the bottom. That means your site is preferred by people, Google will automatically rank your site above other sites. However, you also need to be careful about writing good content so that people can stay in your site for a while.

Tip 5: Dual time will be reduced: Dual Time means how much time a user spent on your site. Suppose you wrote great titles and descriptions but people do not like your content, people will go back to any other site immediately. In that case your bounce rate will increase. The reverse ranking will be reduced.
So write good content so that you can keep your site up for longer after you insert more people by writing good titles and descriptions. If you can do this, then Google will see that more people are entering your site, they are not able to enter it once more. That means the user likes your site content very much. As a result, Google will give you more opportunities to enter your site before ranking your site.

Tip 6: Leave the backlink building and focus on writing good content. Google has become very clever now. So he does not care that car backlinks are more important than the content of the people who are better than him. And if you write good content, then many people will link back to you. The only way to build a link building with no other way than just a guest tune is to do it now.

Tip 7: Site loading speed is very important thing. Make your site fast as much as possible. Start using the WordPress W3 Total Cache and Content Delivery Network (CDN). Finally go to Google PageSpid Insight and check your site's performance. Check them out where there is leniency. Whenever you need to go to Fever, hover a developer and make the site fast.
Bonus Tip: Use SSL encryption on your site. It also falls into a ranking factor.

Many things can be do on YouTube,maybe you do not know.

When it comes to video viewing or sharing, YouTube is the first choice of people. Millions of people spend a lot of time behind YouTubeGoogle is also looking after Regularly adding any features to a better service. It is also enjoyable. Here's a great option for YouTube, which you might not have heard before.

1. GIF from video

Animated GIFs can be made from YouTube videos easily. Find out a YouTube video. Switch to the browser's address bar. Enter 'GIF' before youtube. That is to say, 'GIF This address will take you to another page. From there you can make a 15-second video GIF.

2. Playback from time to time

You can share videos in a way that will start from a specific time. See the 'Start At' box during sharing. Tie the time here.

3. Karaoke youtube

Youtube great karaoke There are many songs that contain only lyrics and subtitles. If you search karaoke on the YouTube search bar you will get them. You can add your phone or laptop to the TV. You can add a speaker and microphone outside. If the song is not well spoken here, then YouTube will be available in Lyrics.

4. TV mode

Full screen TV mode is available on YouTube. You can use this mode if you want to watch a video sitting away like a television. Start the TV mode by typing http: in the browser. This mode can be easily controlled with the keyboard. Without it you can choose dark colors. As a result, it can be seen from a distance. You can find videos in different categories.

5. Identify background

There are many videos that go to the background. Have you ever thought of the name of that music or singer or band? So YouTube does not offer this feature. But if you go to http:, then you can recognize background track. Copy the video link to YouTube and paste the website. The Muma website will scan the list of millions of songs and remove the background music.

6. Magic Action

YouTube's most feature-rich browser magic action. Once this extension is added, a setting page will open where you can turn on interesting features. Use mouse scroll wheel to increase or decrease the sound, Force HD or 4K video playback, haid add, bypass country rasterization, launching movie mode etc.

7. Keyboard shortcut

You can use the keyboard while watching the video. Using left and right arrows, you can go back or forward for 5 seconds. You can pause or play using 'K'. You can go 10 seconds before or after the video using 'J' and 'I'.

8. Video 360 degrees

Making a 360-degree video on YouTube is a very common thing. 360 degree videos can be made with standard quality virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard. There are also more cameras through which this video can be made possible. But uploading these videos is not a common issue.To do this, you must first download and install the 360 ​​Video Metadata app. 

Find it at http: Google special media release is available for both Windows and Mac. From the computer to the app, open 360 degrees and mark the 'spiral' box from there. Save the video to the computer and upload it to YouTube.

Youtube's new update for 2018

The strictest method of monitoring:
Google considers a lot and after a long talk with its advertisers and creators, a method determines a method that can be advertised for any type of content. Before 10000 (ten thousand) views, a channel was considered suitable for the YouTube Partner program, that means the monitization would be on. But from the past year's experience, Google has understood that this method is not enough, but in a better way, the channel should choose who can get the ad. So rather than just the view, instead of the size of a channel, how big is the viewer's ability to show, and ads based on the content creator's behavior.

That's why for a channel to get an advertisement from today or participate in the YouTube Partner Program, if you want to turn on the monitization, you will get 1,000 (one thousand) subscribers and 4000 (4 thousand) hours of watch time, which is 240000 thousand minutes and for one year. Has been made That is, these accomplishments will happen within a year. This procedure will also apply to those channels which are currently on Monitization since 20th February 2018.

Above is the size of a channel, yes it is true that only the size of a channel can not be used to evaluate the usefulness of its advertisement. So Google will now monitor community screens, spam and other abuse flags and then monitize them. This means that monitization can not be obtained because of the deficiency of one of these, which was previously much more tolerable. Kamrul Islam Rubel This policy will be automatically applied to existing channels now and if the channels are repeated or seriously discontinued in a community guide line at the time of its implementation, then the ongoing channel monitization will be closed. And as soon as the three community guides break the line, the account and the channel will be completely suspended.

The above mentioned manual capabilities seem to be relatively difficult, but good content creators will be far more benefited due to the poor content creator and spammer free. Those who are considered eligible for this advertising as a result of this method will now get more than 95% advertisements from advertisers.

There are two more new issues coming to YouTube, those are # Google's first review of Google's first review. That is to say, ads will now be reviewed manually without relying on the software. # Brings more transparency and easy control for advertisers, so that they know where their ads are being displayed, on a channel, how they are shown. I am no longer describing these issues. Because they are not directly related to monitization. In order to get an advertisement from now on, you must create the friendly friendly content, which is the end of all the words. Trying to do something about Advertise Friendly and manual reviews in the future.

So long as I said these words are not my personal words, from Google's official page. My personal opinion is that for a long time I've been waiting for that. Occasionally I wondered how it might be possible that some bad things are making money by making fake stories, strange-rumor-gauzy news, fake TV content of the TV channel, making Google a fool.

how long it will go on like that? Youtube was going to burn foul content. That day is over. Simply finish. Those who are truly brilliant, the real creator is now just for YouTube. If someone is copying, then mention the formula. I would probably like to invest a lot of money for YouTube. Is not it?

Who comes secretly on your Facebook profile? Find out, in this simple way

Want to find out what your Facebook profile sees? Or how many people stuck on your Facebook profile or who saw the last uploaded image, want to know it?

Like Facebook Like, Share, Emotion, gives an opportunity to view comments, but who does not give the opportunity to know who went to the profile. Many people try to figure it out using some apps. But the results of the app are not well. If you go through a few simple steps, then you will know about your Facebook profile. For this you need to:

1. Login to your Facebook account.

2. Go to your timeline and right-click and select 'View Page Source'.

3. You will find a full page of code code. Do not be confused. From here, press Control Plus F Button on the keyboard. A search option will come.

4. In the Search Options box, type 'InitialChatFriendsList'.

5. Find a list of numbers next to it. Find the list of 'IDs' who came to your timeline.

6. To make sure that your profile has arrived, go to the '' site and paste the ID with slash mark next to For example, if ID number is 100001825159730, you would write

7. Remember, the first ID that comes in your profile frequently and the ID at the end of the end, it may be wrong to have it come to your ID.

Get some pc keyboard shortcuts for youtube!

Get some pc keyboard shortcuts for youtube!

Those who watch YouTube on PC, they can easily watch videos when they know some keyboard shortcuts. So I will introduce you to some of my key posts through today's post. So that the video can be easily seen on YouTube on YouTube. Follow down to see the shortcut keys.

>> To stop pausing while watching the video, press K from the keyboard. The video will be activated by pressing the K button again. This can also be done by pressing spacebar.

>> If you want to rewind the previous part of the video, press J from the keyboard, this will show 10 seconds before the video.

>> To forward or forward the video, press L from the keyboard. It will show video in the next 10 seconds.

>> Press M from the keyboard to close or mute the video's word.

>> Press the right or left arrows of the keyboard to move the video to the right or to the left.

>> Press FROM the keyboard to watch fullscreen video that means fullscreen.

>> To see the next video from the list, press the Shift + N button from the keyboard. This will show the next video in the list.

>> When the video is playing, pressing any key between the keyboard from 1 to 10 will bring the entire video to the number according to the number.

So today I end up like this. Actually there are many more shortcuts. I just highlighted some of the basics here. If you get a chance, try to post a detail about this.


Facebook is adding two new features to prevent harassment of Facebook users

Social harassment is happening on social media Facebook. Facebook has taken various steps to stop harassment. In addition to this, two more new features are being added to prevent harassment.
After blocking, in many cases, opening a new account will continue to harass again. But new features coming to Facebook to prevent this problem.
As a result, after blocking a person from now on, he will again stop trying to open a fake account for harassment.

The same will also be done in case of fake accounts that are already there. The Social Network will do the same.
Apart from this, a feature has been added to avoid anyone. These types of messages can be muted if you want to 'Ignore' option. If the person's message is sent to him, he will not know it in any way.

Harassment is not less than uploading a picture from someone's account to another account on Facebook. However, this feature has been added to the new feature-based facelift technology.

In this case, if your image uploads to someone else's account or page, then Facebook will give you immediate notification. If you want to tag yourself in the picture or if the image is harassing, then there is also the opportunity to remove it by reporting.

Today, many women are facing this problem, especially women. False accounts are opened for harassment from their wall. The new update will mean that these problems will be reduced considerably by Facebook.
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