Many things can be do on YouTube,maybe you do not know.

When it comes to video viewing or sharing, YouTube is the first choice of people. Millions of people spend a lot of time behind YouTubeGoogle is also looking after Regularly adding any features to a better service. It is also enjoyable. Here's a great option for YouTube, which you might not have heard before.

1. GIF from video

Animated GIFs can be made from YouTube videos easily. Find out a YouTube video. Switch to the browser's address bar. Enter 'GIF' before youtube. That is to say, 'GIF This address will take you to another page. From there you can make a 15-second video GIF.

2. Playback from time to time

You can share videos in a way that will start from a specific time. See the 'Start At' box during sharing. Tie the time here.

3. Karaoke youtube

Youtube great karaoke There are many songs that contain only lyrics and subtitles. If you search karaoke on the YouTube search bar you will get them. You can add your phone or laptop to the TV. You can add a speaker and microphone outside. If the song is not well spoken here, then YouTube will be available in Lyrics.

4. TV mode

Full screen TV mode is available on YouTube. You can use this mode if you want to watch a video sitting away like a television. Start the TV mode by typing http: in the browser. This mode can be easily controlled with the keyboard. Without it you can choose dark colors. As a result, it can be seen from a distance. You can find videos in different categories.

5. Identify background

There are many videos that go to the background. Have you ever thought of the name of that music or singer or band? So YouTube does not offer this feature. But if you go to http:, then you can recognize background track. Copy the video link to YouTube and paste the website. The Muma website will scan the list of millions of songs and remove the background music.

6. Magic Action

YouTube's most feature-rich browser magic action. Once this extension is added, a setting page will open where you can turn on interesting features. Use mouse scroll wheel to increase or decrease the sound, Force HD or 4K video playback, haid add, bypass country rasterization, launching movie mode etc.

7. Keyboard shortcut

You can use the keyboard while watching the video. Using left and right arrows, you can go back or forward for 5 seconds. You can pause or play using 'K'. You can go 10 seconds before or after the video using 'J' and 'I'.

8. Video 360 degrees

Making a 360-degree video on YouTube is a very common thing. 360 degree videos can be made with standard quality virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard. There are also more cameras through which this video can be made possible. But uploading these videos is not a common issue.To do this, you must first download and install the 360 ​​Video Metadata app. 

Find it at http: Google special media release is available for both Windows and Mac. From the computer to the app, open 360 degrees and mark the 'spiral' box from there. Save the video to the computer and upload it to YouTube.
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