Get some pc keyboard shortcuts for youtube!

Those who watch YouTube on PC, they can easily watch videos when they know some keyboard shortcuts. So I will introduce you to some of my key posts through today's post. So that the video can be easily seen on YouTube on YouTube. Follow down to see the shortcut keys.

>> To stop pausing while watching the video, press K from the keyboard. The video will be activated by pressing the K button again. This can also be done by pressing spacebar.

>> If you want to rewind the previous part of the video, press J from the keyboard, this will show 10 seconds before the video.

>> To forward or forward the video, press L from the keyboard. It will show video in the next 10 seconds.

>> Press M from the keyboard to close or mute the video's word.

>> Press the right or left arrows of the keyboard to move the video to the right or to the left.

>> Press FROM the keyboard to watch fullscreen video that means fullscreen.

>> To see the next video from the list, press the Shift + N button from the keyboard. This will show the next video in the list.

>> When the video is playing, pressing any key between the keyboard from 1 to 10 will bring the entire video to the number according to the number.

So today I end up like this. Actually there are many more shortcuts. I just highlighted some of the basics here. If you get a chance, try to post a detail about this.

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