How to bring your site to Google first position in 2018?

SEO: The seo is changing very quickly. If you do today, your site will get good ranking, tomorrow may be to eat penalty penalties. So here I want to give some seo tips to bring your site to Google's first page in 2018, which I have learned from some reputable sco experts in the world. Just forget what you have done before and follow these new tips. These tips are pre-tested and some sites have increased traffic up to 88%.

Tip 1: Many are tiny but in tune with lot of tunes in Google 017. But in 2018 it will not be. A recent study showed that Google is now focusing more on those sites and blogs who are tuning low but larger and better quality. So do not increase the number of tune and write about the good quality big (1000-4000 ward) tune time.

Tip 2: To increase search traffic, delete your old ones and any other tunes that are not read, or by using the no-index tag, remove them from search results. Do not forget to redo 404 errors to delete, so do not forget to redirect. Traffic must be increased if you remove or delete an unnecessary tune and pages from Google.

Tip 3: Apply the LSI Keyword in your article. If you search Google by typing in the keywords you want to target, Google will automatically show you how many suggestions. These are known as LSI Keyword. While writing your article, mix these LSI keywords as well as Focus keywords. But do not let the keyword stuff out. It is bound to increase your search traffic.

Tip 4: Increase click through rate (CTR). means, how many people have seen your tune in Google and how many people have clicked on it to enter your website. Think all the 100 times your site was found in Google's search results and clicked on 25 times your site. In that case, your click through rate will be 25%.
To increase this, you have to write your title in such a way that people will see it, they must click on it. You can write more attractive titles and meta descriptions than those who are above you in search results but most people will click on your site from those who are above you. As a result, Google will see more people clicking on your site below than those at the bottom. That means your site is preferred by people, Google will automatically rank your site above other sites. However, you also need to be careful about writing good content so that people can stay in your site for a while.

Tip 5: Dual time will be reduced: Dual Time means how much time a user spent on your site. Suppose you wrote great titles and descriptions but people do not like your content, people will go back to any other site immediately. In that case your bounce rate will increase. The reverse ranking will be reduced.
So write good content so that you can keep your site up for longer after you insert more people by writing good titles and descriptions. If you can do this, then Google will see that more people are entering your site, they are not able to enter it once more. That means the user likes your site content very much. As a result, Google will give you more opportunities to enter your site before ranking your site.

Tip 6: Leave the backlink building and focus on writing good content. Google has become very clever now. So he does not care that car backlinks are more important than the content of the people who are better than him. And if you write good content, then many people will link back to you. The only way to build a link building with no other way than just a guest tune is to do it now.

Tip 7: Site loading speed is very important thing. Make your site fast as much as possible. Start using the WordPress W3 Total Cache and Content Delivery Network (CDN). Finally go to Google PageSpid Insight and check your site's performance. Check them out where there is leniency. Whenever you need to go to Fever, hover a developer and make the site fast.
Bonus Tip: Use SSL encryption on your site. It also falls into a ranking factor.
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