Know the history of the virus!!

In the year 1949, computer science professor John Van Newman focused on writing computer virus programs. From the idea of ​​his self-repetitive program, the virus program (then it was not called a virus) appeared. For the reproduction, this computer program was first addressed as a virus by American computer scientist Friedrich B Cohen. The body of the virus can be reproduced in the body of the host.

The virus program can also create your own copy. In the 1970s, the virus originated in the Internet, Arpanet - a virus called the crypiper virus. At that time another software called Reaper was created, which could delete the crypter virus. At that time it was limited to where the virus was born.

In 1982, Elk Cloner spread across the globe using floppy disks. However, the devastating behavior of the virus was first published through the brain virus, in 1986. The Pakistani two brothers made the virus software in Lahore. Since then, many viruses are created worldwide every year.

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