Youtube's new update for 2018

The strictest method of monitoring:
Google considers a lot and after a long talk with its advertisers and creators, a method determines a method that can be advertised for any type of content. Before 10000 (ten thousand) views, a channel was considered suitable for the YouTube Partner program, that means the monitization would be on. But from the past year's experience, Google has understood that this method is not enough, but in a better way, the channel should choose who can get the ad. So rather than just the view, instead of the size of a channel, how big is the viewer's ability to show, and ads based on the content creator's behavior.

That's why for a channel to get an advertisement from today or participate in the YouTube Partner Program, if you want to turn on the monitization, you will get 1,000 (one thousand) subscribers and 4000 (4 thousand) hours of watch time, which is 240000 thousand minutes and for one year. Has been made That is, these accomplishments will happen within a year. This procedure will also apply to those channels which are currently on Monitization since 20th February 2018.

Above is the size of a channel, yes it is true that only the size of a channel can not be used to evaluate the usefulness of its advertisement. So Google will now monitor community screens, spam and other abuse flags and then monitize them. This means that monitization can not be obtained because of the deficiency of one of these, which was previously much more tolerable. Kamrul Islam Rubel This policy will be automatically applied to existing channels now and if the channels are repeated or seriously discontinued in a community guide line at the time of its implementation, then the ongoing channel monitization will be closed. And as soon as the three community guides break the line, the account and the channel will be completely suspended.

The above mentioned manual capabilities seem to be relatively difficult, but good content creators will be far more benefited due to the poor content creator and spammer free. Those who are considered eligible for this advertising as a result of this method will now get more than 95% advertisements from advertisers.

There are two more new issues coming to YouTube, those are # Google's first review of Google's first review. That is to say, ads will now be reviewed manually without relying on the software. # Brings more transparency and easy control for advertisers, so that they know where their ads are being displayed, on a channel, how they are shown. I am no longer describing these issues. Because they are not directly related to monitization. In order to get an advertisement from now on, you must create the friendly friendly content, which is the end of all the words. Trying to do something about Advertise Friendly and manual reviews in the future.

So long as I said these words are not my personal words, from Google's official page. My personal opinion is that for a long time I've been waiting for that. Occasionally I wondered how it might be possible that some bad things are making money by making fake stories, strange-rumor-gauzy news, fake TV content of the TV channel, making Google a fool.

how long it will go on like that? Youtube was going to burn foul content. That day is over. Simply finish. Those who are truly brilliant, the real creator is now just for YouTube. If someone is copying, then mention the formula. I would probably like to invest a lot of money for YouTube. Is not it?

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