Facebook settings that you should change today

Autoplay video

The Facebook News Feed gives you great comfort. But here, even without clicking on a video, Facebook has set it up to automatically start. The purpose is to attract your attention. However, you can turn off the video by clicking the arrow icon. Click there to go to the setting option. From the various options there you can see the 'Videos' link on the left column. Go to the drop-down menu and turn off 'Auto-Play Videos'

Clear search

Finding the necessary thing with Facebook on thousands of searches is done. All your search stores Facebook. To delete these, go to the Privacy tab from the left menu. Go to 'Use Activity Log' and go to 'Who Can Say My Staff?' Here Facebook keeps all the savings. Instead of the search option 'More' option is given. Click on the 'Photos' option and you will get all the options. From there, go to the search option, you will find all your searches. Click 'Clear Search' to delete all.

Privacy settings

Do you really want to see one billion users in your post? Go to Settings - from the upper right. Click on 'Privacy' and go to 'edit' position. You have to choose the privacy of your choice from the drop-down menu. In most cases you will want to show friends to posts.

Unwanted Notification

If there are more notifications coming out than before, you can get rid of it. Go back to 'Settings' from the top right. You can exclude topics from the 'Notifications' tab. In this case, 'tags' and you can close the notifications of different groups. Here you will also find friends' birthday notification options.

Social 'Advertising

On this topic a huge source of money depends on Facebook. You can see what your friends or others are buying or doing. Again go back to 'Settings' from the top right. Click on the 'Adds' tab. Two options will come. Click on the 'Edit' button and select 'No one' option instead of 'Friends'. If you do not disclose your information to others, you can find others to advertise them. So be sure to adjust your mind settings now.
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